Green Initiative



As you are already aware, as a part of green initiative, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide its circular number 18/2011 dated 29.04.11 has clarified that a company would be in compliance of section 219(1) of the Companies Act, 1956 in case a copy of balance sheet etc. is sent by electronic mail to members of the Companies. This is subject to the condition that:

  • the company advances opportunity to the members to register their e-mail addresses with the company or with the concerned depository;
  • the website of the company displays full text of these documents;
  • company issues advertisement in the prominent newspapers that copies of aforesaid documents are available at the website and for inspection at the registered office during office hours;
  • in cases, where any member has not registered his e-mail address for receiving the balance sheet etc., the balance sheet etc. will be sent by other modes Companies Act, 1956;
  • in case any member insists for physical copies of above document, the same should be sent to him physically by post free of cost.

We request you to disseminate this information to the maximum number of companies so that shareholders are encouraged to register their e-mail IDs with the respective companies for the purpose of getting the annual report in electronic mode and make green initiative a success.

Save paper....Save trees..... Save Planet.

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